Discrete Mathematics, Optimization, and Convexity


Applied Geometry and Discrete Mathematics

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Operations Research

Technische Universität München
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We are mainly interested in the theory as well as in practical aspects of (optimization) problems that involve numerous discrete decisions. Questions of this type are omnipresent in many industries and other settings. Examples include logistic, social and telecommunication networks, vehicle routing, scheduling, chip design, tomography, and health-care operations.

Together, we have expertise in many disciplines at the core or closely related to Discrete Mathematics, Optimization, and Convexity

Along with our national and international partners, we contribute to areas such as algorithmic game theory, approximation algorithms, combinatorial optimization, complexity theory, convex geometry, data analysis, extended formulations, geometric representations, graph algorithms, linear and integer programming, network design, operations research, polyhedral combinatorics, and scheduling.

Are you looking for our graph algorithm applets or the Traveling Salesperson Game? These contents have moved to a new website at https://algorithms.discrete.ma.tum.de (the TSP game can be found under "Routing").