Computer Course Linear Programming



LecturerStefan Kober
DateBlock Course, 28.10.&29.10.2020
Roomtba (online)
Starting Timetba


The course aims to apply the theory of linear programming as covered by the lecture Fundamentals of Convex Optimization (MA2504). This is done by accessing the optimizer gurobi via its python interface. The course is intended to prepare for further courses in the field of optimization (such as Case Studies Discrete Optimization), as well as Bachelor and Master theses.


After a short introduction into python, several "application-oriented" toy examples of linear programming will be considered and solved by the participants.


The course alternates between short lecture units and more extensive group work. Here, groups of 2-3 participants are asked to work on the provided exercises, which means modelling the problems in form of linear programs, implementing them, dealing with different datasets, and work on additional tasks.



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